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The lightbulb conveys ideas or innovation, which is reflected in our tag line. We stressed to our designer ( Leyna Vick with Printing Plus) the importance of an office professional always learning, growing and being at the top of their game.


Without innovation, we would be stagnant in our jobs and in our association.


Collaboration is so much more than teamwork. When our association collaborates, it’s not all about compromising, it’s about creating an energy known as synergy-and truly working together.  When we collaborate, we are also networking, another very important function of our association.  All of the connecting lines with the lightbulb signify the collaborating we do to create our ideas and meet our goals.


Our dedication to our community is evident through the Dianne Grieser Memorial Scholarship we present annually. To our membership, this is one of the most important things we do as an association. We also give back to where we live by donating our time through our Community Networking committee.  Being Lincoln Public Schools employees naturally means we are working to make the lives of our students, better.



The Nebraska state flag is gold and navy blue and we are making a definite nod to it and Nebraska Educational Office Professionals Association, whose logo has similar colors. This can bring continuity and solidarity.


Lincoln Public Schools utilizes a royal blue and red, primarily. Our blue will lead us back to LPS, too.

Dianne Grieser Memorial Scholarship Funding 2025

$0 $1500

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